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Aviation Services

Aviation Services

Maximum performance for your safety

National and international airlines pay attention to the correct functioning of the technical components of their machines and, of course, to their external appearance. When selecting suitable companies for aircraft cleaning, characteristics such as know-how and professionalism play a major role. We can do different types of cleaning depending on the floor time and customer request. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge for the professional execution of the tasks that arise. Selective cleaning as well as the very intensive deep cleaning are part of our scope of services. Constant quality controls and further training of our employees confirm our success. Our customer base includes well-known airlines as well as private aircraft operators.

A new challenge every day

Passenger aircraft are exposed to various types of contamination in daily operation. This has to be removed during the tight time window and the machine quickly prepared for the next flight. The time between landing and take-off is often less than an hour. Day in and day out, we successfully face this challenge and with our flexible employees we can meet almost every customer request.

Our services at a glance:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Overnight cleaning
  • Reduced cleaning
  • Full cleaning
  • Intercontinental cleaning
  • Nightstop cleaning
  • Cabin equipment
  • Toilet equipment
  • Laundry service
  • Separation of recyclables
  • Security services

The cleaning is carried out exclusively with environmentally friendly products that have been verified by leading airlines.

Responsible and sustainable action

Our responsible employees speak at least one foreign language and are distinguished by their confident and serious demeanor. Our services cover different areas inside and outside the security area and relate to personnel and goods controls. In the area of ​​aviation security, we offer security services for airport operators (in accordance with Section 8 of the Aviation Security Act) and for airlines (in accordance with Section 9 of the Aviation Security Act).

Our services at a glance:

  • Freight and personnel control
  • Boarding pass control
  • Access control (goods and personnel)
  • Skymarshall

Contact Information

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