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Covid-19 Security Services

Covid-19 Security Services

A Huge Challenge For Society, Economy And Politics - Dangers From The COVID-19 Virus

The high contagion potential of the coronavirus COVID 19 poses dangers to both the life and health of the population and the economy.

Occasional security problems such as standstill in productive business, closed shops or the increase in home office activities lead to monitoring deficits such as:

- An early detection of technical defects is no longer guaranteed , for example . In the worst case, safety is endangered by defective fire alarm systems.         

- Since suitable security technology for burglary protection is not installed everywhere, the risk of criminal offenses also increases.         

- In addition, access controls are currently experiencing a different quality. A significant increase in visitors over forder n clinics, supermarkets and drug stores.         

In order to maintain regular operations and improve COVID 19 security, the need for support from security services is increasing. The professional security service of Facility & Aviation SERVICES offers help to prevent damage and ensure the necessary order .


In View Of The Corona Situation, We Offer Special Measures As A Corona Security Service !

Not only at night, but also during the day, due to the increasing effects of the pandemic, the usual staff is also lacking in Germany.

The risk of break-ins, thefts and vandalism including vandalism grows d urch severe restrictions or closures of business operations due to the new P andemie and the lack of or insufficient safety to. The decreasing risk of detection for potential criminals is enhanced by other circumstances. Likewise, general preventive control measures by the police are hardly possible due to the new overload of tasks.

Thus, we offer the following services to :

  • Free, non-binding advice and security analysis
  • Mobile property protection measures by district services
  • COVID 19 security: reducing the risk of infection through entry and behavioral controls, support for enforcing house rules
  • Increased property protection in the private and commercial sector through modern security technology
  • Special protective measures by the Corona security service for shops, industrial companies and warehouses

Property Protection

The Corona security service counteracts the threat of insufficient supply of property protection in the commercial and private sector through targeted protective measures. District services by security companies have a proven deterrent effect in preventing break-ins. At irregular times, checks are carried out by trained, experienced security staff. Particularly careful monitoring of security-sensitive areas such as windows and doors takes place. Locking services and the checking of existing reporting and monitoring systems can also be agreed. Objects such as shopping centers, retail stores and office complexes as well as factory buildings and warehouses can be monitored in a targeted manner as required. This also applies to construction sites. Unusual incidents can be detected, checked and, if necessary, immediately reported to the police by the Corona security service.


Entry And Behavior Controls

Safety precautions at l be queues of impatient people from hospitals, supermarkets and drug stores :

Too tight sequences between the people waiting increase the risk of infection. Therefore, visual and written instructions from the respective home owners should ensure that everything runs smoothly. This also increasingly includes the individual limitation of the total number of people present in a business or waiting room. In some cases, upper limits also determine the number of times a product can be sold. This should ensure the supply of as many customers as possible and prevent disputes between customers. Our security service offers reliable support for the implementation of the necessary regulatory measures for corona security.

The possibility of being affected by the new lung disease COVID 19 is terrifying them. Unfortunately, their behavior makes it difficult for actual emergency patients to receive treatment quickly. If the people waiting for a test are already infected, there is a high risk of further infection. In order to avoid the confusion and the risk of infection in the tightest of spaces in waiting rooms, you have to stand outside at intervals and be patient. Verbal derailments and threats to the already overburdened hospital staff are increasing. Entrance controls and access restrictions are also increasingly taking place at authorities such as registration offices. Before entering when requested, certain hygiene measures are prescribed. A higher COVID 19 security should be achieved through entry bans, distance controls and the use of disinfectants for the hands. Disputes can be resolved quickly by the Corona security service. If necessary, a house ban is unavoidable due to the necessary Corona security. The Corona security service is available on request to implement all measures.


Security Technology

The Corona security service will be happy to advise you on all options. This includes personal control measures, mechanical burglar protection and technical security measures.

According to the perpetrator's intention, access to an object should be as quiet as possible and unnoticed. Alarm systems represent a significant obstacle to break-ins, because they can be used to discover the crime and the perpetrator. It is not possible for them to determine with certainty whether an alarm has been noticed in the vicinity. Nor is it known whether a triggered alarm was transmitted to other locations. Acoustic and visual alarm signals can make burglars extremely insecure. In most cases, it remains an attempt to commit the crime. The installation of a suitable alarm system by the Corona security service therefore increases objective and subjective security. Video surveillance is an ideal addition to an alarm system. Recognizable video systems create a deterrent effect through the evidence-securing documentation. Details of offenders, vehicles and what happened can be precisely recognized by modern video surveillance devices.


Corona security - Further Information And Availability

With our competence and experience, we create an individual security concept for you as a Corona security service.

To do this, we look for possible weak points and inform you about the resulting security risks. Take your chance for a free, non-binding consultation.

You can contact us via our contact form , by email or by phone.

Convince yourself personally of the quality of our Corona security services.

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