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Kaufhausdetektiv & Doorman

Kaufhausdetektiv & Doorman

Shoplifting and fraud are some of the most prominent crimes that cause damage running into the millions each year. The detectives are able to react to the current situation in good time. The department store detective's area of ​​responsibility is very extensive. In addition to the common, inconspicuous detectives in department stores who act like customers, there are department store detectives who do not necessarily stay in the property in order to catch thieves in the act. Often they operate from specially furnished offices, from which they have a perfect view of the scenario. These are equipped with the most essential equipment, such as:

  • Control devices for the cameras in the department store
  • Computer monitors
  • Modern communication (radio, telephone, cell phone)

The overview from these offices allows the detectives to observe the crime in important details and to secure it by audio method. This serves as irrevocable evidence that can be used in court and will be recognized in the event of possible proceedings in court.


Your customers feel safe with the well-groomed appearance and the presence of our doorman during their visit to your store, shop or restaurant and can enjoy their stay in your company undisturbed. Potential criminals, however, are deterred by the presence of our doorman.

Our employees ensure that no access is granted to people who could damage your company. You react immediately, prudently and calmly to critical situations and avoid de-escalation.

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