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Property protection

Property protection

Even the regular presence of our security staff has a deterrent effect on criminals! With targeted patrols or continuous on-site support and immediate intervention in the event of incidents, we counteract any attempted break-in. The risk of damage to your property is minimized by our property protection.

In addition to continuous on-site support and alarm activation, we also offer you area and patrol services. Our security staff also pay attention to open light sources (switch them off), tilted windows (are locked), unlocked doors (are locked).

In any case, we are guided by your wishes and ideas. We advise you professionally and you decide whether we monitor your properties hourly, daily, weekly or continuously around the clock. Optionally with guard dogs.

  • Guarding private homes and companies
  • Guarding and monitoring outdoor facilities
  • Key service
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Monitoring of facilities / buildings before opening
  • Access control for external companies and deliveries of goods
  • Patrols
  • Fire and disaster protection
  • Alarm tracking
  • Closing and opening service
  • Dog handler with guard dog

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