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Revier- und Interventionsdienste

Revier- und Interventionsdienste

Factory premises, industrial areas, factories, warehouses, banks, department stores and building complexes - where large areas and objects have to be monitored, cameras alone are not enough. This calls for people who can immediately recognize when something is wrong - a case for our district and intervention service.

At defined intervals, the district and intervention service checks large areas or separate buildings on foot or by vehicle. Upon request, opening and closing services can also be carried out here. This not only requires a keen eye, but also an alert mind. You are in constant contact with the control center. This emergency call center is able to react and intervene appropriately if there is a threat of criminal offenses such as burglary or vandalism. In this way, it is possible to clear up alarm-relevant constellations immediately on site or to call in the police before serious damage occurs. If necessary, around the clock and 365 days a year.

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