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Protection And Watchdog Squadron

Protection And Watchdog Squadron

Our FA service dog team has been used successfully in plant security and property security for over 10 years. Our service dogs have an international working dog test (IGP).

All of our dog handlers have the necessary certificate of competence (SKN) to lead a service dog and many years of experience in use and in working dog sports.

Animal welfare is very important to us and our dogs are only transported to the missions in the means of transport provided for them.

Our dog team is looked after by Mr. Keven Clare, the former British professional soldier with more than 18 years of professional experience in the service dog industry of the British Army, so it is in his absolute interest to guarantee a permanent high level of performance and qualification.

Our trainers also have many years of experience in military properties and are characterized by having successfully completed the specialist course with examination according to Section 11 Paragraph 1 No. 3,5,8 TierSchG (training for guard dogs for 3rd persons).

The FA service dog squadron has more than 10 dog handlers with protection dogs and are regularly checked and constantly updated by our trainers.

Benefits for your company Facts, specialist knowledge and expertise

• Extreme reduction in break-ins and theft on company premises

• Low monthly costs compared to a guard dog with training

• Highly trained guard dogs who recognize an intruder much earlier than the security staff (biosensor)

• 4 experienced trainers guarantee training quality

• Protective service helper / dog handler at supra-local testing and state championships IGP

• Expertise examination / trainer for working dog sport

• Helpersport pass of the association for the German dog industry

• Conducting seminars and training for service dog handlers with certification

Contact Information

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