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Plant security

Plant security

Production facilities and company buildings are important parts of a company and are not spared from many external dangers - e.g. sabotage, vandalism, fire or burglary.

The premises to be guarded as well as the property are comprehensively and completely protected by our factory security services. State-of-the-art technology and the targeted use of our trained specialists ensure that customers feel safe thanks to the best possible protection.

You can decide in what form and to what extent the surveillance should be carried out. Our security forces are equipped with the latest technology and are happy to assist you with the following services:

  • Security service, property protection and plant security through seamless surveillance
  • Access control for visitors and employees by experienced porter service
  • Careful outgoing goods inspection and truck controls
  • Entry and exit control with bag check
  • Use of modern security technology to supplement the patrols
  • Special security of all kinds
  • Patrol duty for effective day and night security
  • Object and system controls
  • Locking and opening services
  • Creation of alarm plans and intervention measures
  • Use of a dog handler with a guard dog

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