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Winter Service

Winter Service

Winter does not have rigid working hours, just like our Facility & Aviation SERVICES team.
We move out at any time and as needed, around the clock if necessary. With qualified staff and 20 years of experience, we offer you an efficient and structured winter service.

The main goal of winter service is to maintain road safety on streets, squares and paths in the event of weather-related obstructions due to snow or ice. As a service provider, it is our duty to guarantee access to large and small areas at all times. We scatter, clear and secure any smooth or snow-covered surface you can imagine.

We ensure the purchase and supply of road salt as well as the provision of the right equipment for clearing and littering. You don't need to worry about anything, that's what we're here for you.

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  • Bahnhofstr. 16, 45879 Gelsenkirchen