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Bahn Sicherheit & Service Dienste

Bahn Sicherheit & Service Dienste

Whether bus or train, the tasks in public transport / local rail transport security & service mainly aim to offer passengers a pleasant stay on buses, trains or at train stations. The general presence of our teams gives the passengers a feeling of security and security. More and more people want to use the bus and train because they no longer feel alone, especially in the evening.

We are at the right place thanks to the cooperation with the local federal police and quick reactions, as well as being ready to help and deploy in tricky situations where people are harassed in one way or another!

Our security staff pay attention to domestic law violations and trespassing. Our patrol can also be carried out with guard dogs if necessary. Thanks to our presence in the trains, buses, stops or train stations, the transport companies save high maintenance costs and increase their revenues through increasing numbers of passengers.

In the event of train cancellations or delays, our security staff also serve as on-site service personnel and inform passengers about the canceled trains, the replacement service and the corresponding replacement stops.

They ensure safety and service and are available to passengers as competent contacts in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

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